When you support the Yoga on High Foundation, you support homeless veterans, abused and incarcerated women, local families in need of food assistance, low-income children as well as cancer patients and survivors.

Please help us by learning more about our work, and by offering a tax deductable contribution to the Yoga on High Foundation.


Or write a check to the Yoga on High Foundation and send it to: The Columbus Foundation, 1234 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43205.
All donations are eligible for tax deductions.

You can choose to have your donation underwrite a particular program or donate to the general fund. Any amount helps-- $5 buys a journal for the after-schools program, $7 buys a massage ball for our vets, $40 for a bottle of aromatherapy for a trauma class, $150 for one woman to take the day-long retreat, $750 for two 6-week trauma sessions, $1,500 to pay for 3 months of weekly classes for women at the prison.

We strive to facilitate profound, transformational self-acceptance for people whose options for support are limited. 

If you have questions about how to donate or dedicate your gift, don't hesitate to contact Michele Vinbury at