Clothes Swap

Bring your gently worn clothes (washed, dried and ironed where applicable) and accessories (purses, scarves, shoes, yoga mats) to YOHI on Sunday October 15, 1:30-3:00p and swap them for someone else’s valued, but no longer used goodies! 

 Fun, environmentally friendly and completely part of our October Gratitude Challenge!

 What not to bring:

  • garments with stains
  • garments that are in need of mending
  • underwear/bras

Please bring no more than 5 or 6 items to donate please.  After the event, we will donate all remaining items to a local thrift store.

How to turn this into a gratitude practice, offered by Lara Falberg:

Take a tour of your closet and drawers and consider each item you own. Did you buy it? Find gratitude for having the money to purchase it. Was it given to you? Express gratitude for the person who gave it to you. Did you find it? Offer gratitude for the circumstance that allowed it to enter your life. Consider the meaning or usefulness behind each item. Take two to five items you own and bring them to the swap.  Do you have a top you like, but simply don't wear very often? A pair of yoga pants that you wore once or twice and haven’t used since?  This is the perfect time to honor cycle, an opportunity to cleanse clear and renew with gratitude!

If you’re not able to attend on Sunday, but would like to bring a few wonderful items to donate, you can drop them off during business hours on Saturday, 10/14.