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Gratitude Guru Heart Opening Flow by Lara Falberg

October 5, 2017
Gratitude Guru Heart Opening Flow by Lara Falberg

A simple, effective, accessible, and lovely way to begin the practice from a perspective of gratitude and not taking anything for granted.

Begin in Supta Baddha Konasana, propped. Turn three-part breath into a gratitude practice. Fill the belly with gratitude for the fullness of your life, the ability to draw breath, and sustenance to sustain life. Fill the ribs that protect our hearts with love for everyone around you and love for yourself.

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October Calendar of Events

September 27, 2017

Schedule Updates

Monday 1:00p Urban Zen with Jenn Gebhart

Sunday 10:15a Kids Yoga with Staff

October Workshops

October 1 Gratitude Guru October Challenge

October 13–15

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10 Key Values the Best Yoga Teachers Possess

September 21, 2017
10 Key Values the Best Yoga Teachers Possess

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Journey to the Strongest Version of Myself: Marina Zahan

September 6, 2017
 Marina Zahan

Acts of Karma Yoga Love during Philosophy Weekend

What a ride…the Yoga On High TT program has turned me inside + out in about 13 different ways.

While studying at OSU, I was on a pretty stark path of what I thought I wanted my life to become. I jumped thru hoop after hoop at a young age to get ahead professionally—efforts entirely motivated by gaining approval from my peers, professors, cohorts + (especially) parents.

I was seriously, absolutely, completely, miserable.

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Update on Jerry Marcom

September 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

I know you have been wanting more news about Jerry so here is the latest update. When I asked him what he wanted to share he said to tell you that he now has a big hole in his head.  Lots of space in there these days. Jerry has been recovering from his brain surgery very well these last few weeks.  His physical recovery from the surgery is going well and the PT evaluating him in order to leave the hospital wanted to take his picture to show what she wished all her patients could do.

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