In Action

We’re inviting you to join the Foundation Family as “Yoga on High Foundation Ambassador!”

Join us in spreading the vibe of the community, the Foundation and living some karma yoga. Cool, right? Here’s how it works…we’ve just received a shipment of some awesome little cards…they're the size of a business card with beautiful designs on them. These act as calling cards in everyone’s karma yoga adventures. Printed on the front is the foundation logo and your title “Karma Yoga Ambassador”, on the back, a space to write a note and the words “Pay It Forward" with #karmayogaadventures #spreadyogalove #selflessservice.  Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless service!

The plan is that as a Karma Yogi Ambassador, you will take your yoga off the mat and into the world with Random Acts of Kindness and Pay It Forward type deeds. When you’ve done these things, you can leave these little cards with a note in them for the recipient to find. Examples could be – paying for the car behind you at the coffee shop & you hand this card to the cashier to give the people…or you write a note in the card “You’re Beautiful” and leave it in a random coat pocket…or you pay someone’s parking meter and leave the note under their windshield, or stick a free class pass in one and put it in a book at the library…there are a million ways to pay it forward and we’re hoping to inspire creativity and kindness all over the place.

You can pick up the cards at the front desk of the studio – they’re absolutely free. And if you don’t have a card, don’t let that stop you – have fun & spread the love!