Yoga for Diabetes

To address this growing national health concern, YHF developed a curriculum and, in partnership with the Central Ohio Diabetes Organization and Central Community House, and offered weekly yoga classes to low-income diabetics.

Students reported that they lost weight, dealt more effectively with stress in their lives and, in some cases, had sensation return to their hands and feet.

We hope to get this program ready for enrollment again in 2012 and are looking for an organization to partner with us in discovering innovative ways to reach the growing population of diabetics in Columbus.  Please contact Marcia Miller to discuss such opportunities.


  • Currently the National Diabetes Fact Sheet reports that there are 25.8 million children and adults in the US diagnosed with diabetes, while another 7.1 million have diabetes and don't know it.
  • The direct cost of treating diabetes in 2007 was $11.6 billion, while the indirect costs associated with disability, work loss and premature death was $5.8 billion.
  • By 2020, Type 2 diabetes is projected to cost the US $500 billion a year, when it is estimated that half of all Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Benefits to Diabetics from Yoga:

  • In recent years the medical community has accepted that yoga is a positive tool in alleviating emotional and mental stress that accompanies diabetes.
  • Yoga can also help with weight loss and weight maintenance, which are complicating factors in patients with diabetes.
  • Yoga has been shown to improve blood glucose levels and stimulate insulin production, significantly enhancing the diabetic’s quality of life.