EMBER Trauma Sensitive Yoga

EMBER is a 12-week mindfulness-based resilience training geared specifically toward women rebuilding their lives after experiences of trauma. Created by Michele Vinbury and Marybeth Hamilton, yoga teachers with a longstanding commitment to bringing tools of personal transformation to underserved communities, it is designed to be implemented in trauma centers, yoga studios, prisons, recovery programs, halfway houses, and therapeutic communities.

At its core, EMBER’s aim is simple: to provide tools to help women feel at home in their bodies. During the 12-week training, the curriculum builds community while developing the foundations of resilience: the capacity to bounce back from difficulty by drawing on inner reserves of calm, clarity, compassion, and courage.

EMBER yoga is currently being taught at the Ohio Reformatory for Women, Tapestry Program, the Center for Balanced Living eating disorder program and at Yoga on High. 

Read a Blog by an EMBER student here.

How might EMBER Trauma Sensitive classes be different than other yoga classes?

  • The teacher has experience and training in trauma sensitive yoga practices.
  • The classes are designed to be predictable, and students will be told what's coming from the very beginning. Class will start and end the same way every week, letting students know what to expect.
  • This is a women only class and, as a rule, there will be no physical hands-on adjustments.
  • Attention will be paid to the types of props used and of the potential for feelings of vulnerability in certain yoga postures.
  • The teacher will continually offer options, allowing students to practice making empowered choices, opting in or out of any portion of the class at any time.

If you have tried a regular, public yoga classes and been uncomfortable, please consider trying again. Research has shown that yoga has proven benefits for you, and the comments from previous students in these classes bear that out.

Because strong emotions may arise and be released during and after a somatic practice like yoga, we suggest students also work with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional while on their healing journey.

To sign up for our public EMBER classes visit Yoga on High EMBER