Yoga for Veterans

On the national stage many VOA and community organizations are incorporating yoga training into programs for veterans.  The vets use yoga for relaxation and as a coping mechanism for dealing with combat-related stress issues that can lead to self-destructive behaviors and habits.

Believing that trauma lives in the body as well as the mind, Yoga on High Foundation has funded ongoing 6-week sessions of therapeutic yoga classes for homeless veterans in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Studies About Yoga and Veterans

  • “Warriors at Peace”: 
An article from Yoga Journal describing the benefits of yoga for Veterans and active military members with PTSD.

Quotes From Students

“My head is more clear than it has been in a long time.  I’ll be back.”

“I sleep so well on the nights after I take yoga, and I wake up feeling great the next day too.”

“My stress level has changed and I feel 100% better when I leave [yoga] class.”

6-week Foundations of Ashtanga

This session is a closed group and not open to the general public. Please contact with questions.

Description: Learn the essentials of the Ashtanga yoga practice in a safe and supportive environment. In this six week beginner’s course, students will learn the basic technique for breathing and movement (vinyasa), meditative gazing (dristhi), and internal energy locks (bandha). When practiced simultaneously, the three places of attention (tristhana) allow the physical practice to be transformed into a moving meditation.

Students will be guided through the initial sequence of poses, and offered variations when necessary allowing the practice to be accessible to all. The course also teaches the philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga method and provides an introduction to the Mysore style of learning. Class size is limited to allow for more individual attention.

Upon completion, students will be ready to attend led Half Primary or Mysore class.

Date/Time: 6 Saturday sessions beginning Jan. 30th from 8:45a to 10:00a

Teacher:  Michele Vinbury

Cost: $75  - If you would like a sliding scale, please call the front desk at 614-291-4444

Location: Yoga on High, 1081 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43202.

REGISTER HERE or call 614-291-4444