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 Yoga & Trauma from survivor's perspective

These stories highlight why this work is so important!

Veteran's Blog

EMBER social worker's Review
Embracing Yoga:  Trauma and Acceptance
EMBER Series:  A Survivors Experience

Teaching In Prison
Teaching in Men's Prison
Escape From Prison

Testimonials for EMBER



  • "The answer came that I could heal my own heart"
  • "Ease, surrender, peace – I learned that this place exists and I can come back."

  • "I can give myself what I need – I am enough."

  • "I can do it for myself."

  • "I learned that I could get through."

  • "Feeling of complete healing."

  • "Yoga is a way to experience ourselves, to provide self-care, to feel connected."

  • "In a time of deep saddness, I felt supported by my teacher and my practice and the walls of the studio."

  • "I felt like I was in control of my body, in control of my healing."



Yoga and PTSD: One Vet's Story - An article from Huffington Post about a veteran and how his yoga teacher training helped him deal with his depression and PTSD

Warriors at Peace - An article from Yoga Journal describing the benefits of yoga for veterans and active military members with PTSD

Yoga Warriors - An article from The Huffington Post on how yoga is used to help veterans confront the many challenges waiting for them when they return home from war

Amputee Vets Heal with Yoga - An article from Yoga Dork about amputee vets who participate in Adaptive Yoga at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and how it therapeutically helps them with their injuries both visible and those that go unseen

Yoga: How We Serve Veterans and the Homeless While Homeless - An interview from Huffington Post from a veteran who shared the transformative and healing benefits of yoga when he was homeless himself to other homeless veterans

Yoga Classes Help At-risk Youths Manage Stress - An article from the Columbus Dispatch describing how yoga is being used to help at-risk youth in crisis

Healing Trauma with Yoga - An article from Kripalu decribing their Yoga in Schools program (KYIS) that teaches students skills needed to overcome traumatic experiences

Research on Yoga in Prison and Yoga for PTSD - An article from LifeForce Yoga which reports on important research about the benefits of yoga for schizophrenia. There are also two studies that look at the benefits of yoga for inmates in prison.